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Whistleblowing channel for the protection of the whistleblower in accordance with Law 93/2021, which transposes Directive (EU) 2019/1937 – Whistleblowing Learn more

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Report concerns about situations/actions that you do not consider appropriate to the standards of ethics and values that may pejoratively affect the represented organization and/or the well-being of the person/employee.

The report should include information about criminal offenses, irregularities or violations of the law in the context of work. We recommend that the whistleblower provide clear evidence of their suspicions, albeit optional. All information indicated must assume good faith.

The reporting person may make an anonymous report, insert only one means of contact or identify himself or herself in whole or in part.

Security and secrecy

We maintain the anonymity of the whistleblower , nor does the entity in question itself have access to the information of the whistleblower if it chooses anonymity other than that strictly necessary for resolution. The maintenance and technical support is the responsibility of the external company GoFox – Information Technologies, which operates the technical management of the platform that, even so, using the encryption of information as well as the very design of the solution makes the support technicians with restricted and controlled access have conditioned access.

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Common questions

When to use the platform to report?

This platform must be used to inform the institution represented here about cases that have occurred in it and that it considers do not correspond to the respective standards of ethics and values or that it considers that may affect the well-being of the organization and/or people.

Complaint or complaint?

This platform does not intend to present a complaint about the company`s product/service, but to report suspected fraud, corruption and/or misconduct verified in the organization.

What should be included in a complaint?

The report must include as much information as possible about criminal offenses, irregularities or violations of law that you see within this organization.

How to support the complaint?

As a whistleblower, you must present as much concrete evidence of your suspicions as possible, although this is optional, showing the veracity of the complaint in the principle of good faith.

Do I maintain anonymity?

The complaint can be submitted 100% anonymously, if you wish, you can identify yourself and you can also submit a contact email address. The organization will not have access to the information, nor will the external company that manages the platform using advanced encryption techniques.

I reported it and now?

The entity has 7 days to respond after receiving the complaint in a clear and objective manner, as well as forwarding the complaint to the respective entities. That said, the entity has 3 months to report on the measures envisaged or adopted as well as their justification.


We value your security

This platform uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, which reinforces the communication between the server and the complainant in a safe and encrypted way, protecting the submitted information.